How can your experience of today be transformed to image and sound? Visitor, artist and technology work together to create completely new video art that represents your personal experience


Wires is an interactive soundscape that surrounds you by light and sound. Connect the tubes to build layers of sound. Before you know it, you find yourself lost in your self-created maze


How can we employ interactive technology in music education to improve the learning experience? In this research project, we researched and developed multiple playful prototypes for the Music-teacher education of ArtEz,…

Mind Yourself

In Mind Yourself kun je comfortabel gaan liggen binnenin je eigen hoofd. Je wordt omringd door beeld en geluid dat door je eigen brein wordt aangestuurd

The Thick Dark Fog

What do depression and anxiety sound like? The Thick Dark Fog is a personal translation of these mental health issues in an audio story,