Mind Yourself

In Mind Yourself you can lie down comfortably inside your own head. The installation is a small tent in which you are surrounded by image and sound. All colors and music are controlled by your brain.

Crawl inside your own brain and disappear

What is going on inside your brain right now? Are you relaxed or stressed? Do you feel sad or happy? And if we would take a look inside your brain, would we be able to see so? And can you actually influence what is happening inside your brain?

Als je je rustiger voelt, zal je omgeving blauw worden en de muziek sereen. Als je gestresst of boos bent, zullen de lichten rood worden en gaan knipperen, en is de muziek harder, sneller en minder vrolijk.

Mind Yourself was my graduation project for the Master Interaction Technology at Twente University. I studied how we can employ artistic 'brain computer interfaces' to increase self-consciousness.